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Escape Lab Τμήμα Αρχιτεκτόνων Μηχανικών Πανεπιστήμιο Θεσσαλίας
2017. Traditional songs from the children's choir "Dimitrias".
2013. The exhibition “The European Acoustic Heritage” was designed in the framework of the European research program European Acoustic Heritage, of the “Culture” program of the European Union, aiming at discovering and enhancing the soundscapes of Europe. EXHIBITION SPACE “ACHILLION” (Iasonos str – Koumoundourou Str) Friday March 29th – Friday April 5th
2012. 60min Documentary. Testimony of Giorgos Strakas, veteran sausage producer.
2012. Audiovisual material post production and sound design of the multimedia installation of Phoebe Giannis, Athens, National Museum of Modern Art (EMST), 5/12/2012 - 3/2/2013.
2011. Documentary film presenting the elective course “Architectural Constructions” of the School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens, aiming at the design and realization by the students themselves of a small-scale construction in natural scale 1:1. The film features footage of the preparation and construction procedure as well as the final presentation of the construction, during the years 1994-2000.
2010. Presentation of a program of student films of the Department of Architecture, within the framework of the 3d Nicosia International Documentary Film Festival, 24/03/2010.
2010. Recording Greek musical works for piano by the internationally renowned pianist Dino Mastrogianni,  in production of MSR Classics.
2010. Recording and editing of Greek and foreign songs by students of the Elementary School in Portaria, in the framework of an educational process.
2010. Organization of an International Workshop about Poetry writing, reciting and recording in the monastery of Paou, University of Thessaly, Department of Architecture, Monastery of Paou, Argalasti, 6-12thSeptember 2010.
2009. Τhe collection uses mythical persons from Homer's poems together with episodes or places borrowed from Odyssey, as different personae of  a narration. The recordings included in the CD, together with the poems, compose a complete work which incorporates the written word and recitation  as a series of actions-performances.
2009. A 45 min documentary, within the framework of the exhibition “Parkour, a stance of transgressions, pauses and maneuvers” at the Benaki Museum.
2009. International student work exhibition for the Dept of Architecture in the Visions2009 festival, Florence. Production of MyTube and the interactive exhibition material Team: E. Gavrilou, I.Lycourioti, V.Bourdakis and K.Paniyiris
2009. Recording for the Lorca play by the Acting Unit of the UTH. Direction by Ch.Stogia.
2009. Processing of a CD for the event "The extinction of Milos" with the occasion of the celebration of the year Yiannis Ritsos at the Old Electric Theatre, 23-25/10/2009.
2008. Sound editing for the performance of the modern and classic dance school of the University of Thessaly in cooperation with the Music Assembly of UTH.
2008. Exhibition at the Benaki Museum, dedicated to the work of Pantelis Lazaridis, artist and professor of architecture. The exhibition is a retrospective of forty-seven years of active presence in the fields of art, architecture, education and politics, focusing on the relation between art and the political consciousness of the artist, Athens 2/11/2008 - 11/1 / 2009.
2007. DVD production for the exhibition «6 milliards d'hommes»
2006. Fifteen historians, art historians, historians of architecture, architects and archaeologists present from a critical point of view the total artistic production of Pantelis Lazaridis, as an archive to be decoded within the broader social and historical context of the 60’s in Thessaloniki up to date.
2006. The conference sought to bring forth the manner in which the adoption of representational techniques is influenced by the cultural values of each era, shapes the perception of reality, borrows representational techniques, images and concepts from the field of science and the arts, thus leading to the development of new concepts and notions.
2006. Proceedings of the 24th International Conference eCAADe (Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe), «Communicating Space(s)»
2005. The project City Trailer motivates students from different cities to produce short video clips about the images they have of their city. It was presented at the World Congress of Architects UIA 2005 Istanbul Congress, May 5th 2005.
2005.   Technical support and audiovisual material processing of the exhibition Archive Readings:// City Digits, Gallery, Athens, 21/03 - 23/04/2005
2003. Recording of poems and narration of plays by Alexander Papadiamantis
2002. Traditional music from Olympus, Karpathos.
2002. The recording took place on 27th October 2002 during the celebration of 28th October in the Auditorium I. Kordatos of the University of Thessaly.
2002. Complimentary recordings for the play Mormolis as produced by the DIPETHE Volos.
2001. Anniversary multitrack (audio-data) CD sent to all University of Thessaly personnel in December 2001. The CD incorporates the whole University of Thessaly websites in fully interactive format.