2018 - 2020

Principle Investigator:
Grigoriadou Magdalini, PhD

Funding Body:
Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (H.F.R.I.)


Contemporary body -either as a theoretical construct or as a physical and emotional complexion- is not the same as a century ago, not even as it was twenty or ten years ago. Indeed, the emergence of augmented experience is materialized when the digital layer overlaps the physical environment, performing extended encounters between the body and its mind.Behaviours, desires, identities or temporal, liquid identifications have critically changed the understanding of human bodies´ cohabitability, especially in geographic, political or economic metropolises. Complexity, temporality, connectivity and virtuality transcend the space-time embodied conditions of architecture, sweeping treasured ambitions and stored memories. We have now acquired the possibility to transform ourselves, our bodies, with technology´s guidance, and we connect our lives with new rhizomatic conditions, which, although they do not come to seize human existence, manage to empower the interrelation with material reality as never before.

The Projectaims to combine aspects of contemporary architectural research into an experimentation on new processes of design; intents to associate digital architectural design with corporeal necessities-conditions, regarding them as psychosocial and psychosomatic patterns, either material, anatomical o biochemical, through lately neuroscience´s progresses. There are three fundamental objectives; a. the creation of a bibliographic archive on human body and architectural environment; b. the categorization and variation demos on expendable bodies; and finally c. to fabricate the digital reference platform DISEMBODY: An expendable bodyscape.

The importance of the research consists in associating architectural practices with personalized and interrelated environment in the context of human-no-human proximity of contemporaneity. The project is seeking to integrate the above notions into an exploration of materiality, de-subjectivity and corporeity in the practice of architectural design, either digital or material. We intent to introduce the inquiring of interrelations of bodies and space, the interactions inbetween augmented bodies and digital spaces and the initiation of the ideation of consumables bodies, that is investigate on the corporeal performativity of architecture and the personalized implements in the post-human conditions, in the new hybrid proximities between both digital-physical world and tectonics and non-tectonics communication on the architectural design.