2020 - 2022

Principle Investigator:
Spiros Papadopoulos
Work Unit 1: Gamification Framework

Funding Body:
Single RTDI State Aid Action "RESEARCH - CREATE - INNOVATE", Regional Innovation Monitoring Plus, EU


Partcipation in Work Unit 1: Gamification Framework.

The  project focuses on designing and developing an alternative, interactive framework for exploring various travel destinations with playful and recreational features. The main purpose is to enrich the user's travel experience and promote various forms of tourism through the development of:

A) Colour & Travel mobile app: interactive travel guides for mobile devices, addressing the tourist and the locals and targeting a wide range of ages, from children to adults. The end users will be able to choose their own destinations from a variety of travel guides (city, island, tourist area, etc.) and explore a variety of points of interest, such as archaeological sites, monuments, works of art and other cultural products, that highlight the atmosphere of this place. The users will be able to project them in full size through augmented reality (AR) technologies, as part of a gamified experience.

B) Colour & Travel VR Games: innovative virtual reality games, through which users wearing virtual reality devices, which isolate the visual contact with the real world and will be able to interact (move, resize, colour, choose the materials from which they are made, etc) with points of interest, monuments and objects.

C) Colour & Travel web app: using any browser the users will be able to enter and interact with part of the digital material of the above applications, properly adapted, in order to further promote the products of the project.

Partners: Colour Greece, Omega Technology.