2018 - 2021

Principle Investigator:
Spyros Papadopoulos

Funding Body:
Stavros Niarchos Foundation


The research project "Use of game engines in the design and implementation of Mount Olympus in a virtual reality environment" consists of a cross-thematic approach that connects Mount Olympus with digital design and explores the compositional and representational capabilities of new innovative tools during the conception and comprehension of a digital geo-landscape capable of providing tours, narratives and novel spatial experience. At the same time, it aims to study the various aspects of environmental design in virtual reality, such as the choice of the represented information, the tactics of interaction, the organization of narratives and finally the observation and synthesis of Mount Olympus’ ambiance. The usability of a digital model of Mount Olympus is multifaceted, as it can be extended to other applications such as the simulation of various conditions, the museum exhibition, the representation and preservation of the content and finally the highlighting of the importance and the cultural value of natural environment. More particularly, Olympus, being the highest mountain in Greece and the mythical residence of the Olympian Gods, constitutesa place with important cultural content, natural beauty, intense tourist interest while itoffers a significant conceptual background for further expansion of the model and its produced narratives through gamification techniques. The research project is financially supported by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Postdoctoral researcher: Loukakis Giorgos.